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Cat Haven's "Cat Camp" this summer!

Posted Date: 5/21/24 (5:53 PM)

Dear Parents, 

Don't miss the adventure of the summer and register now for Cat Haven's “Cat Camp”! “Cat Camp” offers children in Grades 2 through 9 the opportunity to connect with nature in the Sierra Nevada foothills focusing on conservation, education, and cats! “Cat Camp” will run once a week on Fridays all summer long from June 7th to August 9th. Our focus will be on different careers in the world of cats. Register your camper for any day and topic that would be most beneficial and interesting to your camper. 

- What is a Zoo day (June 7th Gr. 2-5 and July 12th Gr 6-9) - Campers will explore the processes and methods involved in starting and maintaining a zoo. But what exactly is a zoo? How do they begin? What purpose do they serve? As a nonprofit organization, Cat Haven prioritizes education and conservation efforts, making it an ideal destination for young animal enthusiasts. With over 25 years of experience, Cat Haven offers a unique opportunity for children to nurture their passion for animals and potentially sow the seeds for their future endeavors! 

- Zoologist Day (June 14th Gr. 2-5 and July 19th Gr. 6-9) - Campers will study cat biology, with a particular focus on adaptations and specializations to their respective habitats. Why does a tiger have stripes? What makes a cheetah the fastest cat in the world? How high can a leopard leap? With over a dozen different species of cats representing every continent where wild cats live, Cat Haven provides an excellent overview of the diverse world of cats! 

- California Conservationist Day (June 21st Gr. 2-5 and July 26th Gr. 6-9) - Campers will learn about the meaning of conservation as well as the many ways that they can participate in conservation of animals and their resources, with a particular focus on California native species. Campers will learn about the ways that cats are threatened and problem solve to create solutions for humans to be able to coexist with wild cats. Cat Haven is home to 3 bobcats and 4 mountain lions - including a cougar cub - making us an ideal location for this study. 

- Veterinarian day (June 28th Gr. 2-5 and August 2nd Gr. 6-9) - Campers will be introduced to the field of Veterinary Science, with particular attention to medical care for wild cats in a human care facility. Have you ever wondered how to give a tiger a check-up? What can you do if a zoo animal gets sick? Veterinary Medicine is a popular career choice for kids - and who wouldn’t want to become a big cat doctor? 

- Zookeeper day (July 5th Gr. 2-5 and August 9th Gr. 6-9) - Campers will understand the many duties, responsibilities, and perks of being a zookeeper for wild cats. What does a wild cat eat? How do you clean up after them? How do you keep them happy and healthy, and what is enrichment? Join us behind the scenes and learn from the cat experts themselves, the zookeepers at Cat Haven, just how fun (and sometimes gross) zookeeping can be! 

Each day, campers will participate in activities that relate to each respective career and topic. And on every camp day, campers will enjoy zookeeper-led Ambassador Cat Chats with one of

our harness-trained small cat ambassadors, classroom activities, trail activities, arts and crafts, and more! 


Single-Day Registration: 

Non-members: $60 / day 

Members and locals: $50 / day 

Bundle Registration: 

Non-members: $250 / 5 days 

Members and locals: $200 / 5 days 

Registration is now open! 

We can't wait to share a roaring good time with you this summer! 


Sita Alexander 

Education Director 

Project Survival