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Interdistrict Transfer Forms

Interdistrict Transfers Forms

If you live in the Bass Lake School District and want your student to attend school in another district, you will need to complete an Interdistrict Transfer Form.  Print the form and complete it.  Turn it in to the Bass Lake District Office on the Oak Creek Intermediate Campus or mail to the address on the form.  When the form is approved we will send it to the district where you desire to send your students.  Questions???  Call the District Office at 642-1555.

You are encouraged to file your Interdistrict Transfers during the Spring for the following school year.  We have 30 days to complete the form and forward to your district of choice.  They are usually completed in a few days.

Likewise if you are desiring to come into our district, fill out the Interdistrict Transfer Form from your district of residence (many times found on their website) and submit it to them.  We will respond within 30 days of receipt of the form.  Students may attend school in our district for two months IF the form has been filed and you are waiting on approval or appeal.  


AR 5117 - Interdistrict Transfers

Board Policy 5117-Interdistrict Transfers

Interdistrict Transfer Form