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Fresno Flats Community Day School

Welcome to the Fresno Flats Community Day School. My name is Shannon Ecklund. You will receive a packet titled “Class Information for Students and Parents” at our first meeting. Please take the time to review what is expected of your child before they are allowed to exit the program. You will also find my class rules and behavior expectations listed. If you have any questions or concerns please let me know.

I typically assign homework Monday through Thursday in spelling, math and reading. Sometimes I might have a writing assignment as well. We will also be utilizing Chromebooks in our classroom. Your child will have their own email account to correspond with the Chromebook .I usually get to work around 7:45 am so if your child needs tutoring or if you have questions I will be available to help. School begins at 8:00am and the day is over at 2:35pm. Every Monday is an early release day with school getting out at 1:35pm.

My classroom is open to parents at all times. You are welcome at anytime during the day in the classroom to hang-out, observe or participate. If you want to stop by during our lunch break, it is currently from 11:20 to 12:00.
I like to schedule informal conferences with the parent(s) so that we can meet and introduce one another, and so that you can share with me any information that may assist me in teaching your child. Please bring your child to these conferences as it is beneficial for them to realize that we are all on the same page. The direct school phone number is 559 642-1585, ext. 4015. My email address is I look forward to teaching your child this year!

Contact Information

Shannon Ecklund~Educator
Caitlin Barnes~Para Educator
559 642-1585, ext. 4015
Mr. Seals, Principal 559 642-1555

Fresno Flats Community Day School is located on
the Wasuma Elementary Campus in Ahwahnee.

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